Founded in 2002 by James Russell Hornsby , Blue Whale/ Cepia LLC is a privately held company headquartered in St. Louis, MO.


The company launched with a team made up of talented professionals in the toy industry, marking the beginning of a new force in the toy world.  When Cepia introduced Zhu Zhu Pets in 2009, the brand exploded.  With seven Toy of the Year Awards from across the globe and a spot on Time Magazine's "All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys," Zhu Zhu Pets became Cepia's greatest pride and joy.  Combining kid-friendly technology and innovative creative, the boutique company's fundamental philosophy is to transform simplistic ideas into magical experiences for kids


Ingenuity, creativity, playfulness and passion are the heart of Cepia and Blue Whale.




EXECUTIVE BIO:  James Russell Hornsby, Jr.


For over thirty years, Russell Hornsby has pioneered the toy industry with his ingenuity and passion. As Chief Executive Officer and Owner of Trendmasters, Inc. for fifteen years, Hornsby effectively built one of the largest privately held toy companies in North America. By 1999, the company had reached sales of over $200 Million in annual turnover, and was sold to Jakks Pacific in 2001.


With his core management team in place from Trendmasters, Russell launched his second venture. Cepia, LLC. Cepia launched the world’s first automated trigger sprayer in 2003, and eventually sold the product to a major CPG corporation in 2008.


In 2008/2009, Cepia intentionally spun off non-core businesses to focus solely on the toy industry and was later re-named Blue Whale.  Cepia / Blue Whale remains renowned for its use of advanced technology, which is employed in such unobtrusive ways that the toys are often viewed as “magical” – ZhuZhu Pets is a testament to this.


It is no wonder Hornsby is often referred to Peter Pan, as he captures all of the childlike wonder and delight in the universe. He is at the heart of Cepia / Blue  Whale and everything the company creates.



Celebrating the good things about our work is a regular part of our job - and dedicated people carrying out their jobs well is always a source of inspiration.


A child's well-being is our utmost priority at Blue Whale.  Because of this, our toys go through rigorous safety testing.  From design and development to production, manufacturing, and all the way to the toy aisle, safety is at the top of our list.  We are always striving to manufacture the safest, most entertaining toys on the shelf.



When you purchase a product made by Blue Whale, you can rest assured that your child's new toy was designed and manufactured under fair labor conditions.  At Blue Whale, we value a system of production tha works without ethical compromises.  We seek out factories that adhere to fair working conditions and labor laws.  Because of his, each one of our toys is made with respect and adoration for the craft, the construction, and for the consumer.

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