Naptime, bedtime, anytime! – these super soft cuddleable plush friends light up in a rainbow of dazzling colors. Paents love these toys as nighttime comfort for their children. Kids love these toys for their colorful stimulation of imagination and play.

Released in 2005, these light up animal friends have delighted children and adults alike.
And there’s a book series “Pretty Little Lilly and the Magical Night” – where kids are encouraged to make friends and follow their dreams…

Created by Cepia and produced by Dream Garden, in this heartwarming story, 9-year-old Lilly journeys with her loyal Bear to a crazy imaginative world called Glo-E. On a mission to save her sister from the villainous Gloeless, Lilly finds new friends and learns the power of her imagination.
A fantastical quest of excitement and adventure, this coming of age story shows that giving up “childish” things doesn’t include using your imagination – especially when it will save the day!