The ZhuZhu Pets® are no ordinary pets, they're extraordinary and always on a quest for fun, non-stop action, laughs and adventure.

Named Toy of the Year 9 times in seven different countries with world-wide brand recognition, ZhuZhu Pets continues to be a global phenomenon. 

Glo E® are adorable collectable characters that utilize light-up technology and light projection, creating an interactive experience that delivers a magical way for children to play both day or night.

In 2014, Journey to Glo E, a full length movie was created along with exclusive interactive experience.

Bananas™ collectibles… colorful and fun with lots of hidden surprises! Peel each scented fruit to reveal unique Crushie characters inside. You’ll love decorating your Crushie characters with gemstone stickers, or connecting your Crushies together on vines, or wearing them on rings!
Go Bananas… for Bananas!

Super soft newborn pets that snuggle right into your hand! Nuzzy Luvs™ respond to touch and sound by blinking their cute eyes and turning their heads as they talk to you… in “Nuzzy-Speak”! These soft colorful pets are waiting for you to love them.

Nuzzy Luvs! – Adorable pets full of love and expression! 

These colorful birds make crazy sounds and demand your attention! They talk, squawk, and repeat what you say… they play music and can rock, roll, and scoot hilarious dance moves. They respond to touch, sound, and movement with wacky sounds and chirps!

Koo Koo Pets™ Birds – Hilarious Pets with a need for attention. 

Xia Xia Pets are cute and colorful Hermit Crabs with a flair for style. They love to dance and have secret friends hiding under their shells! These tropical pals scurry around their colorful Calypso world responding to your touch.

Vibrantly, collectible - Xia Xia has more than just a few surprises under her shell. With style and fun to spare, Xia Xia is the talk of the town.

Growing out of the worldwide popularity of ZhuZhu Pets, Kung Zhu Hamsters battle for prestige and honor! Power up your hamster with the Tablet of Zhu. With hilarious battle-cries these tiny rodents fight a full-scale war.

Special Forces versus Ninja Warrior hamsters! Whose side will you fight for?

CharmU is a world of fun, cuteness and CHARM! Each set includes a bracelet, and a wide variety of colorful, funny, collectible charms. Surprise charms hidden in colorful backpacks with clips. Over 100 to choose from and collect, who will you get?

Wear, collect, trade! Express Yourself! Make a fashion statement with must-have girls’ Charm Bracelets and Charm U characters!

From Dimension 33 comes DaGeDar, supercharged ball bearings, racing into battle! There are hundreds of steel-core battle-balls with cool graphics featuring codes on their backs signifying the ball’s “spirit within” and many unique track sets providing different challenges.

From Dimension 33 comes DaGeDar, supercharged ball bearings, racing into battle. With over 100 to collect, DaGeDar is a power to watch for.